Today, the worst opponent to ecological transition are undoubtedly those who claim to defend it. Few of the movements claiming to be environmentalists are not fighting against obvious responses (among others) to the climate emergency, such as nuclear power and GMOs. The Ukrainian crisis has tragically put in this evidence a total rupture of reality: German environmentalists preferred to submit to a dictator (Putin) by preferring gas to nuclear and, now, they prefer coal to nuclear… Worse, we see themselves Draw a whole galaxy of actors who live off this delusional militancy (Greenpeace, the Greens, Friends of the Earth, etc.) and whose business models are based on obvious misinformation. Today (probably like yesterday, moreover), political ecology has nothing ecological and everything about politics.

To understand this failure and get society out of this impasse, we need to define and understand this pseudo-ecology. This is the purpose of this site. We present you :

  • Thematic syntheses (eg: glyphosate, neonicotinoids, nuclear, etc.) in order to dissect in depths disinformation on each topic.
  • An inventory of important entities (personalities, organizations) of pseudo-ecology
  • The movements very closes to it, like biodynamics and antispeciesism.
  • Books, deepening very specific topics (eg: A journalist articles on neonicotinoids)
  • A blog, with ad hoc, often cross cutting, articles

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