38. November 24, 2017 : La justice suspend l’autorisation de nouveaux pesticides « tueurs d’abeilles »

This page is a part of the corpus (Annexe 1) used to write Stéphane Foucart and neonicotinoids.

Here, I relate what the journalist said in his article “La justice suspend l’autorisation de nouveaux pesticides « tueurs d’abeilles »”. All quotes, originally in French, were translated by me.

Seized in summary proceedings by Générations futures, the Nice Administrative Court suspended the MA for the two products (Closer and Transform) based on sulfoxaflor. Its decision is said to be based on the existence of new data that has not been taken into account by ANSES. This decision would raise the question, in the background, of the legality of the authorizations issued at European level. According to François Veillerette:

“This file reveals a scandalous situation on the management of European approvals of active ingredients of pesticides which are granted in the absence of essential data on product safety, called confirmatory data, which will not be transmitted until two years later”.

Similarly, the European mediator, contacted by Pesticide Action Network, accused the European Commission of being “too light in its practices and not taking sufficient account of the precautionary principle”.