This is part of the book “Stéphane Foucart et les néonicotinoïdes. The World and disinformation 1“ where I show the journalist misinforms (= false or misleading statements) the reader. All quotes are translated (by me), except the ones marked between [ ] in the french version (french quotes are to numerous to be marked in this one).

A final important point is the idea that the ban on beet NNIs would be obvious. The author first constructs this idea on the context he has defined throughout his “work”:

  1. He recalls the consensus he invented, thus capitalizing on it (2.III.1. The reminder of the consensus).
  2. He uses the technique of sliding from the pragmatism to the hygienism to connect his theories with scientific elements and to support this idea of consensus (2.III.2. From pragmatic to hygienist).
  3. It relies on this fictitious consensus to heavily denigrate all disputes (2.III.3. Denigrate contradictions).
  4. This whole reasoning is made explicit and reinforced by the theorization of “biodiversity-skepticism” (by analogy to climatoscepticism) in a more recent non-corpus article (2.III.4. The explicit invention of consensus: “biodiversity-skepticism”).