This is part of the book “Stéphane Foucart et les néonicotinoïdes. The World and disinformation 1“.

First, we will summarize the argument put forward by S. Foucart through all 71 articles in the corpus. Indeed, if it seems very disparate at first glance, the whole is in fact quite coherent and draws a complex reasoning. I therefore extracted the thesis presented by the journalist. I have done my best to translate the thought of the author as he would claim it himself and give it as much consistency as possible.

The rationale he develops is divided into two branches:

  1. First, the role of NNIs in a decline in biodiversity, particularly affecting insects in general and pollinators in particular, as well as birds. (I)
  2. Then, the issue of assessing health risks and the influence that the agro-industry allegedly has on it. (II)

To simplify the reading, I will not always use the conditional to relate the words of S. Foucart. If I write in this part “biodiversity is collapsing”, it will mean “according to S. Foucart, biodiversity would collapse”.