This is part of the book “Stéphane Foucart et les néonicotinoïdes. The World and disinformation 1“, where I present the reasoning developed by the journalist in the corpus. What is said in this chapter is my view on what the journalist writes. All quotes are translated (by me), except the ones marked between [ ] in the french version (french quotes are to numerous to be marked in this one).

The issue of NNIs would highlight serious shortcomings in the prior risk assessment.

  1. The tests carried out to assess the risks on pollinators in the context of marketing authorizations for phytosanitary products are very insufficient. (1.II.1. Insufficient tests)
  2. Public policies are late and ineffective. (1.II.2. Insufficient political actions)
  3. The institutions are complacent, refusing to see the dangerousness of pesticides. (1.II.3. Complacent institutions)
  4. The whole thing is a fool’s game, letting dangerous molecules enter the market and reacting far too late, letting the agrochemical industry make its profits. (1.II.4. A “fool’s game”)
  5. All of this relates to the hold of the agrochemical industry on institutions. (1.II.5. The grip of the agrochemical industry)